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Trust the Process

In 2004 I was excited to be invited to a meeting with high profile decision makers. Full of excitement and eager to ask the questions that would open the door to my professional future and help me complete my thesis, I was met with the one response I didn’t see coming, “We don’t have a … Continue reading Trust the Process

Fitness 101

Last week we talked about Fitness and Promised to go in depth this week about fitness so here is a short lesson on Fitness WHAT IS PHYSICAL FITNESS? The ability of the body to carry out everyday activities with little fatigue and enough energy left for emergencies   WHAT ARE THE COMPONENTS OF PHYSICAL FITNESS? … Continue reading Fitness 101


We all Love to say I’m on the Grind or the Hustle, and its Great but we don’t Grind or Hustle to our full potential.. Yes i said it we are All Bark and No Bite cause we don’t maintain our body. Here is a question to think bout: Can your car work properly without … Continue reading TGIF

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