Trust the Process

In 2004 I was excited to be invited to a meeting with high profile decision makers. Full of excitement and eager to ask the questions that would open the door to my professional future and help me complete my thesis, I was met with the one response I didn’t see coming, “We don’t have a Job for you”. Shocked by the response I hit back with aggression, “I didn’t ask you for a Job”. Disappointed and overwhelmed I started to question the past 4 years of my life and wonder did I pick the Right Industry to study. Why didn’t I follow my childhood dream and become an Engineer?

As time passed and work on my thesis continued ideas started to pop in my head about the different areas of the Sports industry that I could work in, but, what stood out to me the most was working for yourself but how could I get this done in an Industry that is seen as a hobby or recreation? Completing my Thesis on a Proposal to restructure Sports should help but who was I fooling, why change a system that isn’t broken? One person believed in the Idea but could only give moral support and encourage me to take whatever the system has to offer but Mummy raised me to Think Big.

I accepted an Offer to become a teacher and figured out that’s’ my opportunity to influence the System. What better place to be.  But, I was in for a reality check and along the 11 year journey I can say I’ve seen both positive and negative but most importantly I was building the foundation for where I am today without even realizing that I had to walk that path. Those 11 years took me on a reality trip of the Sports industry and along that trip I got the chance to build My Network, Qualifications and Most Importantly Myself.

Many asked what’s next for you and I humbly answered what’s in my head and my Passion for Sports. My passion for sports was so wide that setting my goals and direction was hard but the Market always has the answers once we stop and pay attention to what it’s saying and the echoed voice of my mother reminding me that life is about people. The combination of those 2 have been unlocking doors that I never expected.

The Process started and will continue and all I can do is TRUST THE PROCESS. Welcome to Coach Lint’s Consultancy and hope you Enjoy Coach Lint’s Timeout


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